Long a distinctive mark of Malìparmi style, which uses pattern, color and three-dimensional texture to enhance items of clothing, making each piece unique, like an object of art that tells the stories and revives the traditions of far-off lands. Malìparmi uses artisanal techniques, beading and Suzani embroidery are among the most beloved. The beading comes from Bali, in Indonesia, and is executed on the finished garment, with each bead sewn, one by one, on designed pattern. Meticulous work that, in some cases, can take some days to accomplish. Suzani comes from suzan, a Persian word that means “needle.” Typically from the North of India, the technique, which spread along the Silk Road, uses a curved needle on a small wooden loom where threads of different colors create floral, abstract or tribal motifs, often repeated to form a pattern.