Murrha Story

The fire of memories
Malìparmi celebrates its 40th anniversary with Murrha, the limited edition capsule collection, result of a creative partnership with the master glassmaker Davide Salvatore. It was 1977 when Marol Paresi founded Malìparmi, driven by her creative vision and passion for the Murano glass. The Malìparmi world evoked a sense of adventure and freedom, born from the encounter with other cultures, from Asia to the Southern Hemisphere. The daughter of Marol, Annalisa Paresi, who today leads Malìparmi, continues to join history and tradition with the boldness and liveliness that have always identified the company.
Passion that takes shape
Murrha, seven collectable pieces, a tribute to the love of the founder for the Murrine, in which the craftsmanship and the secrets of Murano glass merge with the original values of Malìparmi. This project reminds us the story of the Murrine that in the past, as a currency of exchange, travelled on board of the caravans between Africa, Asia, and Venice, just as in the nomadic spirit of Malìparmi.
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