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<b>Green space</b>
Green space
Plants have surprisingly beneficial effects on mood and productivity.
Create a corner of greenery, even a small one, on your workstation
and you will gain in concentration and wellness.

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<b>Ever try time boxing?</b>
Ever try time boxing?
Divide the work into activities to be completed in a defined time (10-40 minutes maximum):
this technique makes even the most complex and boring task more bearable and works wonders on concentration and productivity.

<b>The fake myth of multitasking</b>
The fake myth of multitasking
Multitasking doesn't help you work better, on the contrary.
Being bombarded with constant demands and stresses
only makes us slower in passing from one action to another
and less able to distinguish important information from irrelevant ones.
<b>Emails can wait </b>
Emails can wait
No one really expects you to respond instantly;
check your mail once every 45 minutes or even once every 1-2 hours to avoid distractions and "tighten" your time on important work.

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